1. I’m working on my sophomore project with Dr. Grant and plan to continue to work with her for my upcoming books that lie within. She has an amazing gift to organize your thoughts and push you to meet deadlines set. She’s more than the CEO of a book publishing company; she’s the coach that every author needs to successfully get through the writing process.
    Dr. Levon E. Davis - Author of Convicted, Converted, Forgiven: From the Streets to the Pulpit
  2. Dr. Lawanne’ S. Grant is a first class professional. She has developed a publishing company and a process to help first time authors as well as those with second and third projects to see them move from an idea to a full fledge publication. I had the wonderful privilege of working with Dr. Lawanne’ S. Grant on my sophomore project and I found her services to be outstanding. She is professional. She knows how to get you from step one to the final production. She is a master motivator and has all of the tools that can help you become a published author. I look forward to working with Dr. Grant on future projects.
    Dr. Kimberly C. Manley – Author of Delilah’s Bed: 6 secrets to a man’s heart
  3. As a first-time author, Leadership DevelopME, LLC helped me to accomplished a long-term goal and pursue my dream to write my book. Dr. Lawanne’ Grant made sure I stayed the course despite my fears and obstacles. She provided guidance on how to build a platform and fan base once the book was completed. I don't think I would have gotten as far as I did in completing this project without the professionalism of this awesome author’s coach. She is truly a motivator. Her passion and drive to see others succeed is infectious.
    Tonya N Anderson, M.Min – Author of 21 Days: Prayer Meditation Application
  4. As of February 28, 2018, I became the author of, Eliminating Negative Thinking in 21 days: A systematic approach to destroying what has been destroying you. This would not have been possible without God's help and the professional, dedicated, and caring services of Dr. Lawanne' Grant and the Leadership DevelopME team. Each time that I reached out to them they were willing to assist me and made sure I was treated not as "a customer" only but as a part of their family. I must admit that I am a stickler for professionalism and communication; Dr. Lawanne’ Grant and the Leadership DevelopME team exceeded my expectations and for that I am grateful. I am sure that after you see the finished product, you will be glad that you chose them to assist you in making your dream come true! ~
    Keith A. Anderson - Author of Eliminating Negative Thinking in 21 Days
  5. I simply cannot say enough about the efficiency, diligence and professionalism exemplified by Dr. Lawanné S. Grant and the Leadership DevelopME team. As a first-time author, I was hesitant and doubtful at the beginning of this process. However, Dr. Grant is the consummate motivator and encourager. She believed in my dream and walked me through a seamless process from start to finish! I can't wait to start my next project!
    Chantelle L. Bittings, LCPC, NCC
  6. Dr. Lawanne’ Grant & the Leadership DevelopME team has provided M. Andrew Davis Ministries the upmost professional service. Beyond the professional services that Leadership DevelopME offered, the team also provided the best customer service in terms of hospitality and meeting deadlines which has been a scarce service for me when it comes to other publishers. The team offered marketing strategies and has offered post publishing consultant. Therefore, I proudly recommend any writer to allow Leadership DevelopME to serve as their publisher.
    Dr. M. Andrew Davis
  7. Can you believe that a 78-year old woman published her first book? Dr. Lawanne’ motivated me to know that it’s never too late to accomplish your dreams. She was able to take all of my hand-written notes and serve as my ghost writer. Publishing my book has introduced me to a new world that I never knew existed. It has allowed me to share years of experience and wisdom with diverse audiences while leaving a legacy for my family.
    Winnie Johnson - Author of Grandma’s Secrets: 30 Lesson for the Test of Life
  8. Working with Dr. Grant and Leadership DevelopME, LLC left me feeling empowered! Dr. Grant heard my heart and was instrumental in bringing my project to life. She has a unique ability to balance the support and push her clients need in a very professional manner. Choosing Leadership DevelopME as your publisher will have you excited about your present and eagerly anticipating your future as an author.
    Staci R. Adkins – Author of Prayer is my Super Power
  9. Leadership DevelopME was a huge tool in making my dream of becoming a 12-year old published author a reality! My mother and father were also there to help support me through this amazing and wonderful journey! The services that were rendered were professional and timely throughout the entire process. The final product is top notch! I would recommend this company to anyone that has a long-term or short-term goal of becoming a published author.
    Reagan B. Nevels – Author of Vision Collision: Think, Write, Believe, and Achieve

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  1. Quinton & Tameca Graham
    Quinton & Tameca Graham
    The world is comprised of diverse people who hail from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. Hence, the complexity of our reality is that everyone’s world takes on a different meaning. For this reason, interpretations of universal practices and behaviors are quite different based on the context of personal experience. The conflict between two worlds is an intense battle that can only be conquered with respect, patience, and love. The Grahams share the woes of their personal journey to self-discovery and lessons learned as their two worlds intertwined. Admired by many, the doting couple invites you into their present world that offers a solid partnership based on biblical principles, mutual respect, and intentional acts of celebration. As you turn the pages, you will undoubtedly discover how different worlds complement each other in every facet of life.
  2. Shamequa Parks-Graham
    Shamequa Parks-Graham
    Personal diaries often carry deep secrets that the writer never intends for others to discover.Shamequa chooses to transition from a writer to an author, disclosing the hidden struggles of her bout with mental anguish and physical disability. The book holds twenty-six diary entries that offer a poetic journey, moving you from the valley to the mountaintop. While she writes to her peers, male and female of all ages benefit from her transparency and uncanny wisdom.
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